We’ve got some big news to share folks - Daryl Somers is returning to your TV screens! Check out this message from the main man himself, and prepare to get excited:
I’m pleased to announce that I am returning to my old stomping ground, the Nine Network, in 2016. Following talks with Director of Television Michael Healy, I have accepted an offer to host a brand new series called ‘You’re Back In The Room’.
The show is a fun romp where a bunch of contestants perform tasks and challenges with a twist …. they are all hypnotised! Renowned UK Hypnotist Keith Barry puts them under and I get to mess with their minds during their prescribed stunts; and at times, they mess with mine.  Having viewed the UK series I can see there’s room for ad-lib and lots of laughs along the way, so all going well, it will all go well!!!
While I’m at it, I want to thank you for your ongoing  support of I hope you are all enjoying the many hours of digitised footage we’re regularly posting.
So long for now!